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What we do


Jesus commanded that we take and share the gospel, teaching and baptizing. We are always listening and willing to do whatever HE wants. We strive to spread the name "Jesus" in all we do. While many address the human needs as spreading the gospel, we spread the gospel by stressing that it is Jesus addressing their needs and HE is their hope. God has led us to serve "Haitians who help Haitians". We are not a hand-out, we extend our hand out while sharing the gospel.

  • The Gospel

    • Childrens' Discipleship Program

    • Street Evangelism using the "Jesus Film"

  • Agriculture & Water

    • OADHA a Haitian agriculture organization

  • Orphanage

    • Dezman Fleury Boys and Girls Orphanages

  • Schools

    • Labiche

    • Leogan

  • Medical Mission Team

    • Quisqueya Medical School Students


God has led us to some incredible individuals making a difference in their homeland.

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